Park Information

Miller Ecological Park Timeline


  1. A Miller Park Event on May 1 at the WCHS was held to introduce Miller Ecological Park to the community.
  2. Trustees help to fund two Eagle Scout Projects



  1. The City and MEPF partnered with WCCC to build a one-mile and a one-and-a-half mile trail through MEP.  
  2. Bob Henn began inventorying wildflowers, trees, birds, and mammals of Miller Ecological Park.
  3. MEP supported Lebanon City's application for an EPA Grant to install a porous parking lot and rain garden,
  4. Initiated a Web Page and Facebook Page.
  5. MEPF funded a Rotary Historical Sign for the park.
  6. MEP Steering Committee sponsored two archaeological dig events at the park



  1. The EPA Grant for a Porous parking lot and rain garden was approved.
  2. Construction of WCCC trail through the park was begun.
  3. The Steering Committee held an outdoor educational event which was attended by 150 students. 
  4. A Gaga Pit was constructed by the Lebanon Seventh Graders
  5. Two native wildflower meadows were planted.
  6. Northrup-Grumman Grant approved a Grant for a Rustic Bench to be placed at the beginning of the Playscape.
  7. MEPF Funded a design concept for the Playscape.



  1. Miller Ecological Park was formally dedicated by Lebanon City and MEP Steering Committee on May 11.
  2. A Girl Scout Butterfly Garden was planted.
  3. MEPF Supported Eagle Scout Projects: Kiosk, Benches, and Exercise Stations.
  4. The Miller Family donated and the City installed a Flag Pole.
  5. Lebanon City was awarded an OCVN Grant for Invasive Species Removal
  6. MEPF supported Lebanon's Clean Ohio Grant to purchase 51 contiguous additional acres as a Wildlife Preserve. 
  7. Features to the playscape were added.
  8. Received Grants from Northrop Grumman to add to the playscape and install distance markers on the trail.
  9. Larger trees and saplings were planted.



  1. MEP Trustees sponsored the first Oktoberfest for the benefit of MEP.
  2. Invasive species removal and trail improvements were continued.
  3. Lebanon City established a 1/2 mile mulched trail in the 51 acre Preserve.
  4. A sledding hill was constructed.
  5. Lebanon City held a community event to plant 700 seedlings.
  6. MEP Steering Committee initiated a relationship between Ishinomaki Playground in Japan and Miller Ecological Park.
  7. A Grant from Northrup Grumman was received to support one of Oktoberfest goals to inform the public about MEP.



  1. The Garden Club Butterfly Garden and Mosaic was dedicated with a Butterfly release.
  2. Flowers of Friendship Event celebrating the relationship with Ishinomaki's Matsunami Park in Japan was held.  Lebanon High School students participated.
  3. MEPF sponsored the Second Lebanon Oktoberfest.
  4. Four Eagle Scout Projects were completed: Kestral bird houses, Preserve Creek Bridge, Benches along the rustic trail, and a Kiosk at the entrance of the Preserve Area.
  5. The sledding hill was opened.
  6. A spring tree planting event was held.
  7. MEP created the Shawn Steinke Memorial Garden and Labyrinth and the City constructed it.
  8. A Northrup Grumman Grant was received.



  1. Three Eagle Scout Projects: Bridge and Benches in Preserve area, Bridge near park entrance were completed.
  2. Prairie plantings and signs were added in the Preserve Area.
  3. The third Lebanon Oktoberfest for the benefit of MEP was held.
  4. The Garden Club presented the second Butterfly Release at MEP.
  5. A Demonstration Stage was added to the Playscape.
  6. Seven new stations were added to the Playscape.
  7. A Northrup Grumman Grant was received.



  1. Supported Grants that Lebanon City applied for and received
    1. Nature Works Grant and project for additional parking space.
    2. NRAC Grant for the Removal of invasive species, converting old bean field of the Preserve area to pollinator habitat, reforestation of the early Successional forest, providing enhanced educational opportunities at the park, and improved drainage.
  2. The third Butterfly Release by the Lebanon Garden Club was held at MEP
  3. The Fourth Annual Oktoberfest was held for the benefit of MEP
  4. The Entry Way Feature was added to MEP.
  5. Trees were planted throughout the park.
  6. Monthly Nature Walk Series were initiated.
  7. Two Scout Projects were completed: Wildlife Feeding Station at the Bird Blind and a boardwalk over the wetland area in the Preserve.



  1. Preserve Area improvements included a raised trail.
  2. MEPF received a Northrup Grumman Grant for a Playscape Feature
  3. Construction of additional parking space was begun.
  4. 5th Annual Oktoberfest was held for the benefit of MEP.
  5. Saturday Nature Workshops continued



  1. 6th Annual Oktoberfest was held.
  2. MEP Steering Committee and Trustees participated in a Lebanon Master Park Plan meeting 
  3. Department of Transportation Officially Measured "Miller Mountain" : 883 Feet.
  4. May 4 Program Honoring Scott Brunka and a Memorial Tree Planting Event was held.
  5. Annual Lebanon Garden Club Butterfly Release was held.  Over 1,000 people attended!
  6. An Eagle Scout Project was completed: 4 new Cedar benches.
  7. Several Playscape features were repaired.
  8. Nature Programs continued. 



  1. Initiated an engraved brick fundraiser program to help fund a shelter, restroom, and storage building for the entrance of MEP.
  2. Austin Langdon documented the bird species at MEP and had listed 135 by the end of the year.
  3. During Covid restrictions, Nature Programming was very limited.  However, the park was an important refuge for many residents.
  4. An adapted Butterfly Release was held by the Lebanon Garden Club.
  5. The 7th Annual Oktoberfest was held for the benefit of MEP.
  6. Bob Henn compiled a publication, "Wildflowers of Miller Ecological Park."
  7. The Website and Facebook pages continued and were a way of sharing ideas on getting outside and enjoying nature.
  8. The Girl Scout Butterfly Garden was designated as a Certified Wildlife Habitat Site by the National Wildlife Federation.