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Discover the Benefits of a Labyrinth

by Peggy Logue

Peggy Logue at Memorial Labyrinth

There is a Labyrinth along the walking path at Miller Ecological Park. Getting into nature by biking, walking, and playing is so important for mental and physical health. But a Labyrinth encourages  a whole new spiritual dimension.

The Labyrinth as a powerful spiritual tool guides us on a path to healing, deeper self-knowledge, creativity and transformation. It is an ancient pattern re-emerging in our contemporary culture helping us as we seek sacred moments and reconnection with the Divine.

Suggestions on walking the Labyrinth:

Before you walk the path, stand at the entrance and think about the gifts you have been given. Think how awesome life is.  

In a spirit of gratitude, begin to walk the Labyrinth. Think of letting go of all that troubles you. Shed ALL that holds you back.

As you reach the center, be open and empty for new awareness, new awakenings, and new beginnings to emerge.

As you walk out from the center, in a gentle spirit of gratitude KNOW that you are engaged in transformation. 

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