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The History of the Garden Club Butterfly Garden and Mosaic

By Mickie Marquis
Written: August 15, 2015

Garden Club at Butterfly Garden
Lebanon Garden Club with Mayor Amy Brewer

The Lebanon Garden Club belongs to Garden Club of Ohio. Inc., a state and national organization. GCO has 4000+ members in 200 clubs around the state.

I have been serving on their Board of Directors for 20 years and just finished a 2 year term as president. My goal as president was to encourage all of our state clubs to get on board and make a difference in the lives of the Monarch butterfly.

My own club, Lebanon Garden Club responded with a huge effort with this garden. We love Miller Ecological Park and were thrilled when the city gave us the green light to plant the garden. Our friend, Marvin Duren donated 60 yards of organic compost and we started planting last fall after the compost had ‘cooled’ over the summer. We have the majority of the plants in place but are still planning a path, plant markers and signs.

Many of our plants are native but some are used for their long bloom time, early blooms for the earliest arrivals and late blooms for the last departures. Some are planted for the sake of design. We want our garden to be appreciated for its beauty, chewed leaves and all!

We are planning a native plant sale next spring as a fundraiser and also to educate and encourage the home gardener to use more native and butterfly friendly plants.