Canvasback Ducks near MEP (Austin Langdon)February 9, 2021Photo by Eric AdamsMEP is certified as a Wildlife Habitat (Thanks Bob Henn)MEP Photo by Austin Langdon,Photo by Eric AdamsMEP Photo by Austin LangdonPeggy Logue points to new sign of MEP birds in Wildlife Blind

The Season is Bright at Miller Ecological Park

Located within walking distance of three Lebanon City Schools and along the City's bike path, the opportunities and benefits of developing The Will and Harriet Miller Park as an ecological park for passive recreational activities have inspired City administrators and planners, area school personnel, local businesses, service organizations, neighbors, and the Miller Family descendants to join together to make the idea become a reality.   To see picture titles, place your cursor on the picture. To view a map of the park: Click Here



Bird Monitoring with Austin Langdon:

CONTACT Casey Burdick to learn about  volunteer opportunities.  Casey is the City of Lebanon Recreation and Natural Resources Coordinator. 513-228-3104;


New Memorial Marker at Shawn Steinke Memorial Labyrinth


Have you noticed any unusual ducks recently? A new species for Miller Ecological Park, these fifteen Canvasback have made a neighboring pond their temporary home (viewable from MEP’s north loop). Watch them display and dive for aquatic plants next time you visit!

Winter Green Your Exercise Routine! 

For ideas of activities you can do at MEP, click here

 More Squirrel Information

An early Washington Township story was told by Josiah Morrow, historian and newspaper columnist for the Western Star, that involves the huge squirrel population which caused havoc in the early days of settlement.  The squirrels would at times move in swarms and destroy corn crops.  He wrote that squirrel hunts were organized, and one such hunt was described in the Western Star. “’A number of citizens of Washington Township in this county, consisting of fourteen persons, on the 27th, 28th, and29th (March 1828) killed 4,475 squirrels.’” (Bogan. Pioneer Writings of Josiah Morrow. 28)

Photo by Dave Woehr


During each Miller Ecological Park Steering Committee Meeting, Bob Henn gives a little mini-lesson to all of us. Squirrels (photo by Dave Woehr) were the topic on February 24,2021, and we all developed a new appreciation for this little guy that likes to invent ways to steal from our bird feeders.

Did you know that a squirrel is a rodent?  That it is the only warm-blooded mammal to climb down a tree or whatever head first? That black and albino squirrels are variations?  That the squirrel mates in February?  In six weeks the “pups” are born?   The word squirrel comes from the Greek skiourous: skia meaning shadow and orua meaning tail?  That the squirrel basically lives in the shadow of his/her tail???  That the tail is so important that the squirrel actually communicates with other squirrels with his/her tail?  Squirrels wrap the tail around them for warmth, they use the tail to help balance them when jumping from tree to tree or walking high across phone wires.  Did you know, the reason a squirrel eats constantly is because its teeth grow constantly?  So acorns, walnuts, hickory nuts all help to keep the teeth trimmed.

After this enlightening lesson…many of us shared our squirrel stories and more.


Wildflowers of MEP

Wildflowers of Miller Ecological Park

Last year Bob Henn wrote a book entitled, Wildflowers of Miller Ecological  Park. The publication includes photos, dates and locations of the flower in MEP, Latin name, and a great index. It will be available for purchase this spring.  Bob Henn has been actively involved with Miller Ecological Park since 2012.  A biologist, naturalist, teacher and lifelong resident of Ohio, he is the author of Wildflowers of Ohio. At MEP,  he has taken a special interest in the Girl Scout Butterfly Garden in Miller Park and tends it lovingly.  He has spearheaded the efforts for Miller Ecological Park to receive designations as a Monarch Waystation and recently as a Certified Wildlife Habitat Site by the National Wildlife Federation.  He scheduled the Ohio Department of Transportation to come out to the park and do an official elevation measurement of "Miller Mountain" aka the sledding hill. A marker was placed to record the measurement: 883 feet! 

Engraved Brick

Engraved Pavers: Still Time to Order for Second Round! 


Miller Ecological Park Trustees and Steering Committee are organizing an engraved paver fund-raising project to help fund a restroom/shelter/storage building for the entrance of MEP. The first group of bricks,64 total, were installed in late 2020. The second group will be coming as soon as the weather permits.  There is still time to order for this placement.
The committees are offering the engraved Pavers for $100 donations.  300 pavers are planned to line both sides of the stone walk from the parking lot to the entry way feature. (4x8 Paver; 3 lines of text; 14 characters per line)  We are currently taking orders for the second run. For an order form:
Nature Collage (NMM)


by Casey Burdick

Come out to the park for a fun game of BINGO in the month of March! BINGO cards are available in the front kiosk, please bring a crayon or pencil to mark off the items you find.

Explore! Head out into the Park and mark off the items as you find them. Play until you get a BINGO or try to find them all! There are also some fun facts to learn on the back of the card.
When you get BINGO, turn in your card at the Lebanon City Building by either:
1) Dropping it off at the Service Desk, or
2) Dropping it in the Utility Payment Box behind the City Building.
For every BINGO card turned in, Lebanon Parks will donate $1 towards the purchase of butterflies for the Lebanon Garden Club's Butterfly Release on August 14, 2021.